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Spring ITAPA 2024 will also discuss modernizing Slovakia through efficient investments. It will also discuss Slovak e-government priorities, digital transformation, new e-services and state projects, government cloud, financing plan, cybersecurity, use of AI in the economy and public administration, or other strong topics related to healthcare.

The expert program of the largest technology conference in Slovakia is taking its final shape. Behind the two-day program marathon (2 x 12 hours) divided into minutes and containing several dozen topics and speakers, including presenters, are hundreds of hours of work by the ITAPA team and its partners. Together, we finalize traditional formats such as one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, workshops, or the final ITAPA OPEN TALK.

Some of the keynote speakers are already known—on 18 and 19 June, Carmen Raal, an expert in the digitalization of public sector services, or Bruno Horta Soares, an executive advisor and university professor with more than 20 years of experience in digital transformation, governance, and cybersecurity, will be coming to Bratislava. Our conferences include top national and international speakers or representatives of renowned organizations (ministries and government institutions, European Commission, OECD, CEITEC, etc.). This time will be no different.

The use of generative AI in cybersecurity and AI in public administration, Where AI can't help you or AI alone, is not the solution - this is a selection of topics related to artificial intelligence, which will not be absent at the Spring ITAPA 2024 conference again. What will AI bring to healthcare, and what does it mean for the economy and manufacturing? In an expert-represented discussion, we will find answers to several questions about the regulation of AI. The starting point will be the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), the world's first comprehensive AI law. We're partnering with HealthHub again this year. Thanks to this collaboration, we will bring healthcare topics during the second day and allow healthcare professionals to participate in accredited workshops.

ITAPA is a live space - it's not a lecture hall where some people talk on stage and others sit and listen. It is about people - their connections, common themes, and sharing best practices. The seemingly diverse range of topics includes e-Government in Slovakia, priority life situations, innovative applications, public procurement reform, Mission Health, youth mental health or responsible entrepreneurship with ESG. They all share a common goal - to bring the latest knowledge, discuss it, learn from successful projects, and be inspired by role models worth following. All this in a circle of people who are united by their desire to learn how to move themselves, their community, their organizations, and society as a whole forward.

The gradually decreasing discounts on entrance fees have already been taken advantage of by several "die-hard" participants. Until the end of May, you can register for Spring ITAPA 2024 with a 10% discount and an exciting group discount for three participants. Students and journalists can take advantage of free entry to the conference - more information here. Join the supporters of ITAPA conferences, combine the useful with the enjoyable, and actively take the side of those who are purposefully working to make Slovakia a better place to live.

P. S. In fine-tuning the technical program of the Spring ITAPA 2024 conference, we are launching a call for partnerships on the topics of The Future of Government Cloud, Responsible Business with ESG and AI in Healthcare and Industry. Are you a leader in any of these areas? Our attendees would love to learn more about it. Get in touch so we can tailor an offer to your exact needs.

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