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Better and Secure ITAPA on May 26

No virus can stop you from being ahead on an innovative and secure ITAPA. We will not postpone the conference and wait for months to see what happens. We shape our future now.

ITAPA has been inspiring to foster change for 19 years. Therefore Spring ITAPA 2020 will start May 26, introducing all the topics we have announced. Starting from the new elite of eGovernment, through a new way of financing projects, or the future of cities, to cybersecurity. The program will be rich and catchy in a way that the only thing one can really catch will be inspiration itself. This year, Spring ITAPA 2020 will be fully digitized.

We live and breathe with modern technologies that bring new opportunities and change the way we work, educate or have fun. Spring ITAPA 2020 will be the next generation conference. It will give participants more options, easier access to information and provide a more interactive format. No virus will have a chance.

At previous ITAPA events we have already experienced the possibilities of online streams and lectures using videoconferencing or apps. At the Spring ITAPA Conference  2020, you will be able to experience all of this in an upgraded way. This will keep you up to date, get ideas, and move your own business. This will keep you one step ahead of the rest.

Today many of us work from home and perhaps perceive the new situation as a burden or a threat. However, every problem is a hidden opportunity. Thanks to quarantine it is possible to educate, obtain information, influence public affairs, meet or network. Spring ITAPA 2020 will include several foreign speakers who will not leave their own country. Discussions will be more fiery and interactive. Participants will also be able to send messages and negotiate personal online meetings. In particular, they will be able to attend ITAPA without leaving the safety of their home.

We start on May 26 with key presentations of the new elite of eGovernment and a Roundtable Discussion. Enhanced program of the Spring ITAPA will continue in May and June - one day for one theme at a time. We are now preparing more topics to take full advantage of the digital conference. We test optimal tools. And we are looking for ways to show that the processes don§t need to stop entirely. Let us inspire you for change. Take part in this groundbreaking event and don't miss this unique opportunity.

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