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Miroslav Širl

CNZ, CEO and owner of successful middle size company offering solutions in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Independent consultant in the field of “Digital Continuity”. Working externally for public and private organizations. Participation on several projects, f.e.: “Technological project of National Digital Archive”, „Project of Czech eJustice“, „Building up additional services of e-Delivery system for Czech Post”.
Gives lectures on conferences both in the Czech Republic and abroad – Slovak Republic, Hungary, USA, Canada, Italy. Publication activities regarding eGovernment and management of electronic documents.
Participation on EU activities: DLM Forum, MoReq. APA, Member of working group of Large-scale EU project SPOCS
Founder member of society CNZ – „Czech Digital Preservation Society”, Chairman of programme committee of a successful conference regarding management and archiving of electronic documents - CNZ.
Participation on Training Course for Managers and Auditors of Digital Repositories held this year by PTAB in Haag.

Motto: „eGovernment cannot exist without electronic documents and electronic documents cannot exist without Long term preservation.”
  • Credibility of the eGovernment services   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2016: Make IT Easy
    Do eGovernment Services have to be Trusted and How to Understand “Trustworthiness”?

    In new action plan for eGovernment development for years 2016 – 2020, adopted by EU this year, “Trustworthiness” belongs to 7 key attributes. New implemented eGovernment services should meet these criteria by default. In eGovernment this topic did not receive ample attention until now. Let’s try to answer some key questions regarding trustworthiness. Is there a definition of trustworthy? How is trustworthy understood in eGovernment? Is it an implementation of some specific technologies? How can we authenticate trustworthiness of a service? Should some services even be authenticated? Who should be responsible for it? What is the status in neighboring EU countries?

  • Digital Continuity role in the implementation of the eGovernment   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    Why should you attend the lecture?
    If we want to entrust electronic information into to good care, our nowadays choice is to trust the electronic repository. But the question is: are the electronic repositories really reliable? How to work with it properly? Will the long-term electronic information stored on them usable in the future?

    In our region, we dealt with Long term usage and preservation of electronic documents rather in theory until now. However, the situation has changed and we really need to pay attention to the practical matters as well. We do not know what to do with information stored for couple of years in different information systems. Solution of this problem could be the usage of Long term digital repositories. Such repositories already started to occur in eGovernment Services. We can for example mention Module for Long term preservation from NASES or Slovak Digital Archive realized by Slovak Ministry of Interior. Very good indication is that several government institutions do not feel only necessity of usage of electronic documents but they also feel that usage of Long term Digital Repositories is becoming important as well. In fact, do we know what represents “Long term preservation”? Is it a specific HW or SW? Of course, we have to use some HW and SW, but more important are processes of handling and taking care of stored information. The goal of new regulation issued by ISO was precisely to establish some standard in such processes. Standard ISO 16363 can be used for design, management, testing or even auditing of your Digital Repositories.
  • E-Government versus electronic documents – experiences from Czech Republic and EU.   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    Expansion of e-Goverment brings expansion of electronic documents as well.
    This is the reason why in some countries, the Czech Republic is one of the sample, is eGovernment becoming the leading segment in usage of electronic documents. Number of electronic documents increased in the Czech Republic during last years dramatically. Surprisingly biggest share in this growth has Justice. E-Government became defacto the leader in establishing methods how to manage electronic documents for other sectors.  Boom in usage of electronic documents brings quite a few problems as well. Largest problem is long-lasting usage of electronic documents, which means unlimited usage of electronic documents for such period, as they are needed. This problem is in the present day called „Digital continuity“ and solving of this problem belongs to priorities of secure future of e-Goverment. We will cover some cases of solution of this problem in the Czech Republic and EU, including efforts of EU of standardization in this field.
  • Safety of the paper documents and their place in today's world of modern technologies   |   Kongres ITAPA 2007: Living Online
    The problem is usage of possibilities and advantages of electronic documents on paper documents. Unique technology is capable to store digital data directly on paper thus bridges the gap between the paper and electronic worlds. Paper documents gain properties that have until now been available only for electronic. By this method you can include metadata, apply digital security and encryption algorithms on your paper documents or even to use electronic signature directly on paper.
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