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Ladislav Šimko

Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
1987 –2003 Interhotely Tatry and Interhotely Košice – business operator, deputy director, hotel director
2000 – 2005 Consulting agency on macroeconomics, focus on analytical activities, project ideas, business-marketing analyses ,Pre Accession Funds, Structural Funds projects
2005 – 2007 Ministry of Culture of the SR – director of the Strategy Department, director general of the Strategies and International Relations Section
2007 – 2008 The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) – director of the Economics Section
2008 – 2011 Government Office of the Slovak Republic – director of the Department for Coordination of Knowledge Economy Priorities
2011 – 2017 present Government Office of the Slovak Republic- Deputy Prime Minister`s Office for Investment and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, – director of Cross-cutting Priorities Department (Competencies: EU2020 Strategy European Strategy for the Danube Region – executive national coordinator until 2016, Horizontal priority Sustainable Development, Transnational cooperation programmes within the European Territorial Cooperation goal)
2012-2016 - Executive National coordinator of EUSDR(European Union Strategy for Danube Region)
2013-2014 – coordinator and team leader national task force for RIS 3 SK preparation (Smart specialization strategy) established by Government Council for Science,Technology and Innovation
2017 – secretary Council Permanent Committee for RIS3 Implementation
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