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Pavel Nechala

Expertise: personal data protection, information technology, public procurement.

Since 2005 he has been working as a lawyer in the law firm Nechala & Co. He has more than 15 years of experience in solving corporate and business matters of clients and representation in court proceedings.
He primarily deals with the issue of personal data protection and information technology law. In cooperation with foreign offices, he has implemented several projects involving cross-border processing of personal data, as well as the deployment of new technologies.

Pavel Nechala has extensive experience in implementing IT projects in the private as well as the public sector. As a member of the Partnerships for Prosperity, he participated in the preparation of the ICT Purchasing Concept and is still a member of the working group for public procurement at MIRRI SR.

He also deals with the issue of the fight against corruption and incresing transparency. Since 2001, he has worked with the Slovak branch of Transparency International in several international teams in the preparation of measures in the field of the fight against corruption.
  • Cyber security also has its trends, averted face and milestones. Make sure   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2021: Ako sa stať najlepším?
    Attacks against critical infrastructure are attacks against the lives of citizens, the success of entrepreneurs and the fundamental values of the European way of life. We are at a crossroads and we need to decide where to go next. There is information about new incidents and then there is new legislation and initiatives, such as the revision of the NIS Directive, or the common governance framework. Cyber security is like a travelling train. Not jumping on today may mean higher costs in the future or even a lost opportunity to catch up.
  • Chairman   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
  • All we need to know about intellectual property   |   Kongres ITAPA 2007: Living Online

    The issue of intellectual property especially copyright becomes more important in the field of information technologies. An unauthorized use of author’s works results in damage especially for authors of computer programmes and database generators. The topic of the presentation is the clarification of categorization of intellectual property rights with focus on the detailed specification of copyright, its sources and possibilities of protection. Since the computer program is also an author’s work, its author is a owner of personal and property rights to it. One of the objectives of the lecture shall be clarification of those rights including the issue of rights to employee work. Another group of rights which shall also be the topic of the presentation is the issue of author contracts, i.e. contracts on work creation and license contract and the most frequent problems related to the creation and consideration of those contracts. At the end we shall introduce the web site
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