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Miloslav Jurík

Smart cities club SK

He is chairman of the Smart Cities Club. He is specialized in Smart Cities and Smart Regions topics, the quality and safety of public spaces and the theme of sustainable mobility. For five years he has co-organized the international conference Slovakia on the way to the Smart Cities - designated to public and state administration leaders and other experts. With his collaborators and partners from ZMOS they actively cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the SR. Mr. Jurík participates in organizing the Smart Cities Summer School in Sweden and Denmark, formerly the Summer School of Public Space which will be organized for the 13th time this year. In the field of Smart Cities he collaborates with key partners from Slovakia as well as abroad - especially from Scandinavia and Netherlands.

  • Discussion   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019
  • Slovak Smart City Framework   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2018: Hacking the Future

    The Smart Cities klub sees its contribution to cities and regions in providing examples of creating Smart Cities from a foreign practice, that can be applied to our conditions. Why are we doing this? We have the experience that cities mostly do not have and do not prepare development projects.

    Too often, even Today the main motivation is to gain money from EU funds and not strategical thinking about priorities. Many city authorities are not really focused on project development. They are mostly focused on tracking grant calls, completing forms, and "meeting" the call criteria. The most common questions then are - what are the eligible costs, what will be the allocation for one project, what is the total allocation... It is quite strane game - where instead of sharing knowledge, cities compete for money. The emerging projects are often not very innovative and also not sustainable in the long run.

    One of the options to exchange the know-how from abroad are workshops focused on specific topics and mostly the Summer school of Smart Cities, which we organize every year in Scandinavia and is dedicated to mayors of cities and villages, state administration staff and specialists, especially architects.

    Smart Cities klub comes to Itapa with a new project, aimed at wider involvement of experts on Smart topics.


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