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Choose your battles: Digital Agenda for Poland and V4

13.11.2018, 08:50 / Lecture

During her presentation, Minister Buk will advocate for close V4 cooperation in creating a data economy. Building virtual data warehouses will provide a real opportunity for V4 countries to boost their economic growth. It will among others serve the development of the AI technology. For this initiative to have a genuine economic impact, it should involve all members of the Visegrad Group. Given the ongoing budgetary negotiations and works on a new digital agenda, the V4 states should come together and promote a uniform view of digitalization.




Wanda Buk

Responsibilities: Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Digital Affairs since July 2018. In 2016-2018 Director of the Digital Poland Projects Centre  She was in charge of EU funded projects worth over 2 billion euros, which involved among others laying down IT and telecommunication infrastructure, developing e-government services, digitalisation of cultural heritage, improvement of digi…

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