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Tachyum Prodigy - Transforming Inteligent Data Processing

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Tachyum Prodigy – Universal Hyperscale Computing Data Center Chip – is a breakthrough innovation that brings
  • Significant energy efficiency of Cloud data centers
  • Significant reduction of public and private Clouds TCO
  • Democratization of Artificial Intelligence – A.I. for everyone
  • Acceleration of the European Human Brain project – in 2020
  • Research and Development of the Prodigy chip and related 3rd party applications – to Slovakia and the European Union

Peter Dovhun

Peter is one of the key representatives of Tachyum in Slovakia as well as a member of the company’s Board of Advisors. After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics, Bratislava, Peter co-founded a PR agency Interel, currently known as Seesame, one of the most successful PR agencies in Slovakia. After a successful entrepreneurial experience, Peter spent 11 years working in the leadership positions in global technology companies Motorola and Microsoft. Between 2011 and 2013, Peter held a Country Manager position at s&t Slovakia. Since 2014, Peter has been Managing Director of Gratex International, Slovakia based software house, with a key focus on scaling up the company’s business internationally, particularly in t…
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