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Best approach for using modern cloud services to manage institutions to boost productivity, efficiency and increase security

Setting basic processes, which are often the source of inefficiency, is key regardless of the type of authority or institution. Today, within organization we can build a culture that will fundamentally change the way people cooperate with the help of cloud - from sharing documents to working together on more complex projects. All this in absolute compliance with GDPR type regulations. During the speech, we will introduce you to such a system at the General University Hospital in Prague. The General University Hospital, as one of the largest healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic, undergoes a huge transformation in the field of information technology and services. Current usage of cloud services is almost 7,000 people, who can better share information and work more efficiently from anywhere.

Vlastimil Černý

Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze
Vlastimil has extensive experience in the management and coordination of healthcare advisory projects for clients ranging from healthcare providers to payers, focusing on eHealth, management, finance, public tenders, and information and communication technologies. He has worked as a project manager in charge of the planning, budgeting, implementation and delivery of various projects, including: the establishment of new health insurance companies; the purchase and sale of healthcare facilities; the implementation of large ICT solutions, such as Oracle Health Insurance Back Office, Microsoft or Oracle ERP, BI, CRM systems and hospital information systems such as NIS, RIS, LIS and PACS; and, the assessment of IT projects including risk mana…
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René Kubů

Since March 2016 René Kubů is a Director of Business Strategy. In his role, he helps to implement our strategic priorities, especially overall transformation into cloud environment – private as well as public. He closely cooperates with company directorate in development and implementation of local strategy to boost the digital transformation and long-term growth. René has vast work experiences in Czech Republic and other countries. He came to Microsoft from Avery Dennison, where he worked since 2010 as a Business Director for Eastern Europe and Russia with responsibility for business strategy in 19 countries. He was a member of the company since 1999 and worked there in various manager roles. First, he filled Technical Manager, later…
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