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Why should a lecture be interesting? 

We will not present a vision of artificial intelligence, the possibilities it can achieve. We will talk about real implementation and experience. We will not talk about the top AIs that are capable of defeating the world champions. But we will show how we used the technology to solve a complicated problem. And since we are talking about artificial intelligence, let's just let ourselves down and say some visions.

Each IT system vendor solves the problem of getting historical data. Often they are scattered across different older systems and are not of sufficient quality. Or they are found in documents only as unstructured text, not to mention the paper records. How do you get these data? Which of them can we trust? What if two different systems claim different things and everyone is convinced of their truth? 

Vojtech Bálint

DXC Technology
He works for DXC Technology as a solution architect, and has experience as a developer or analyst. He wants to connect business, application and technology perspective with an emphasis on the value it brings to the customer. For more than ten years, he has been working on agile development methods, including in the eGovernment environment. He likes to take on new challenges and, together with his team, he tries to motivate the people around him to create a good solution together.
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