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Cloud WebJet CMS for municipalities

It is difficult today to imagine a municipality without a municipal web page. Web page has become the means of communication between municipality, citizens, tourists and companies. In the same way citizens push municipalities to provide better information more quickly, municipalities push to deliver these services. Cloud solution is the best tool for municipalities to deliver citizens broader and better services. Usual apps such as authority board, news and many other are complemented by new apps such booking system for common playgrounds, GIS and others. Closer to the citizen, closer to you.

Ľuboš Balát

Ľuboš Balát works for InterWay for 17 years already. He is the director of Web Department that is constantly moving forward under his leadership. He achieved many business accomplishments, among the most important ones is the development of WebJet, an editorial system that daily generates more than 1.000.000 pages. He continues to enhance the system and currently works on interface of CMS with DMS.
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