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René Kubiš

NASES, Project Management Consultant
2017 – present: Project Management Consultant
  • Working as an external Project Management Consultant on several projects. Main area is IT, business, sale and more
2012 –2017: Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at PosAm
  • Leading Sales and Marketing in one of the top system integrators in Slovakia
2010 – 2012: Project Director, Slovak Telekom
  • Managing and supervising the most complex and important projects running at Slovak Telekom in the areas of IT
2007 –  2009: Senior Project Manager, Slovak Telekom
  • Succesful entry into a new market through acquisition of PosAm
  • Together with Project Director co-leading Save4Service – an ST transformation project as a PM
  • Eletronic Tolling project driving offer preparation of the Satways consortium
2004 – 2007: Project Manager, Slovak Telekom
  • Project manager of mainly IT projects
  • Datawarehouse (DWH) project: initially Delivery Manager responsible for quality as assurance and control
  • Accomplished the project and succeeded to launch and run next release of DWH – the biggest IT project of 2006 in ST
  • Enterprise Electronic Registry – implementation of an archiving solution by an external vendor
2002 – 2003: Private entrepreneur / Project Manager
  • What will NASES bring in the near future   |   Jarná Itapa 2018 will bring significant improvements in upcoming year. The aim is to simplify working with electronic mailboxes, and to improve usability of the portal. NASES is implementing card payment, search engine optimization, new portal responsive design, mobile ID, as well as next generation of search engine and portal navigation. The latter is just a part of planned new features resulting in higher comfort for end-users.
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