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Why demand challenges?

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  • We need to improve quality of data and their usage for the realization of “one and enough” principle as well as improvement of providing them to citizens – we define particular activites for management and using of data on a side of state institutions and we concentrate on data sets with the greatest added value.
  • We need to constantly improve eGov services for citizens and entrepreneurs – we define particular attributes of data and we recommend applicants to focus on the most demanded life events.
  • State institutions have obligation to merge into the state’s cloud and we define particular steps and conditions, we draw up migration plans and we expect that demand-focused projects will bring smaller and faster available solutions.
  • Wifi for You, a project, which helps municipalities to set up internet for free on public spaces and thus enlarge accessibility of services and information and increase interactivity for both, citizens and visitors.

Peter Helexa

Slovenská pošta
Slovak Post is one of the largest employer in Slovakia, giving work to more than 13,000 employes. Peter Helexa has been leading the Slovak Post since last year and his 2020 Post Strategy project has brought several efficient solutions for customers. Peter Helexa joined management of the Slovak Post after working for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for information, where he held position of the director of the Agency for Information Society and International Relations. He also has many years of experience in the telecommunications markets as he worked for Slovak Telekom and Swan Mobile. Previously, he worked in several companies such as ATLAS SK or Dial Telecom.
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