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Fortinet Security Fabric, Securing not only personal data

The evolving enterprise and its transition to a digital business model is one of the most challenging aspects of security today. As signifcant trends in computing and networking continue to drive changes across critical business infrastructures, architectures, and practices, organizations are looking for innovative network security solutions to help them embrace that evolution.

                Today, we face a huge volume of cyber threats along with highly sophisticated targeted attacks, made possible by the commercialization of a whole ecosystem of cybercrime services and supply chain resources and services.

                And in addition to securing themselves against these threats, organizations must also document and demonstrate the measures they are taking to meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements (like GDPR…).

The Fortinet Security Fabric is an intelligent framework designed around scalable, interconnected security combined with high awareness, actionable threat intelligence, and open API standards for maximum flexibility and integration to protect even the most demanding enterprise environments.

Zsolt Géczi

Zsolt has more than 10 years of experience with ICT in various heterogeneous technological and complex application environments. One of his advantages is that he has experience with being on the side of a customer as well as being on the side of a provider, distributor and vendor. His specialization in recent years is information security; he dedicated his time to internal audits, risk analysis and ethical hacking.
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