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How technology development has empowered cyber threats, and the cybersecurity community's needed response

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Threat actors and organizations have exploited automation and the sharing of tools and information due to increased computing power at reduced costs.  For this reason, consistent security controls across all environments using a prevention-focused automated platform, combined with effective threat information sharing, is the only way to level the playing field between attackers and defenders.


John Davis

Vice President, Federal Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks
Retired U.S. Army Major General John Davis is the Vice President and Federal Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto Networks, where he is responsible for expanding cybersecurity initiatives and global policy for the international public sector and assisting governments around the world in preventing successful cyber attacks. He is also the Vice President of Palo Alto Networks Public Sector LLC, which is the company’s U.S.-only subsidiary based in Reston, Virginia. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, John served as the Senior Military Advisor for Cyber to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and served as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy. Prior to this assignment, he served in multiple leadership po…
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