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Jiří Stich

Czech smart city cluster , member of board
Ing. Jiří Stich has over 17 years of experience in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), mainly in the field of intelligent technologies for telecommunications, energy and cities. He graduated from the University of Mining in Ostrava. He had the opportunity to actively participate in major technological changes such as the arrival of mobile operators, smart metering projects and smart energy networks, IoT or Smart Cities concepts. He regularly participates in national and international scientific research projects. He is one of the authors of Czech Smart City Cluster Methodology and he also created the concept of Atos Smart City concept for Czech and Slovak cities. Since 2014, he has been Head of Enterprise sales at Atos IT Solutions and Services. He is a member of the executive committee of the Czech Smart City Cluster, which was established in December 2015.
  • How can smart city clusters help the mayor   |   Jarná ITAPA 2017
    Building of Smart City concepts are one of the big challenges for city management. It is a completely different view of the possibilities of urban development. How to ensure better living conditions for citizens? How to make a city more friendly to visitors? How to create an innovative business development environment? How not to get stuck in the trap of various vendors who have only one goal, to sell their products? These questions are posed by many mayors. The vast majority of them are not experts in Smart City concepts, and the offer of different “smart” solutions is unclear to them. Czech Smart City Cluster was created precisely to help these mayors find the right, conceptual solutions. He created the "Smart City Building Methodology" that describes these areas. How to create an introductory concept. How to describe the basic vision of a concrete intelligent city, How to analyze partial areas in a strategic city development plan and involve citizens in public discussion. What is the steering committee and what role it plays. What action plans are used for. What is a project stack. That the basis of a full-fledged concept is integration sub-areas into a common environment. When and under what conditions is possible safely proceed with the implementation of projects. And that the entire Smart City program needs to be continually evaluated and updated.
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