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Peter Ončák

Project Management Association
  • Project Management - Essential Support Factor in Implementing eGovernment   |   Kongres ITAPA 2006

    The current readiness of public and state administration employees is insufficient in the field of drafting and mainly efficient managing of information society development projects and other projects. Projects, mainly the bigger ones, are not managed by qualified-certified-project managers, and information technologies are not used sufficiently. In order to provide efficient international cooperation, these employees do not know standard methodologies of project management used in Europe and around the world, and so efficient cooperation and information exchange at international-level projects solving, is more complicated. Standard values, e.g. Earned Value, etc., are not applied for measurement of efficient implementation of projects. However, employees use and apply these methods in foreign countries. Based on access confrontation, mainly of the U.S. organizations, in case of employees in this field, e.g. the state of New York, Pi-The Performance Institute and others, and based on over 6-year experience in project managers preparation for various organizations and training of over 150 employees according to the international methodologies of IPMA and PMI project management, the faculty proposed the training system of public and state administration employees within the structural funds. Over 200 project managers are planned to be trained within the current implemented project: “Modular system of distant education in project management with the support of e-learning and information technologies” with the support of EU structural funds. The project implements basic preparation of employees for a project manager function and then possibility of certification and package of special courses from the field of quality projects, risks solving, team management, project management, etc. The contribution is oriented on expansion of e-government employees’ qualification, and now it is being implemented.
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