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Ivona Fraňová

president of Association of Information Centers in Slovakia
1983 – 1990: CSSP House, methodologist – interpreter, Nitra
1984 - : SZ OPK, Environment protection, Nitra
1990 – 1996: DK Orbis, Program employee,
 - Director, NISYS Manageress, Nitra
 - Municipal Office Nitra, Manageress
 - NISYS – Nitra Information System, Nitra
1993 – 1995: AICES, Association of Information Centers of Slovakia, Supervisory Board member, Liptovský Mikuláš
1995 -  : AICES, Administrative Board member, President
1998 – 1999: NIZCERUS, Nitra Association, CR and Services, Executive director, Nitra
2000 - 2002: Community Fund, Grant commission member, Nitra
2000 - : Member of the Minister’s Board of the Slovak Economy Ministry, Bratislava
2002: Member of the Administrative Board of Nitra Community Foundation, Nitra
2002 – 2003: RVC /Regional center of education/, Trainer for project preparation, Nitra
2003: Akadémia vzdelávania, Trainer of courses „Project manager“, Nitra
2004: European Educational Institute, Trainer „ Project management“, Zvolen, Nitra
2004 – 2005: A – CENTRUM  FPV UKF /Academic training and monitoring center of human resource development/
Trainer „ Project management“, Nitra
2005 – 2006: A – CENTRUM 21 FPV UKF / Academic training and monitoring center of human resource development /, Trainer „ Project management“, Nitra
2006: EKS /European Cultural Company, Expert for Educational Modules in Traveling Industry, Nitra
  • Good Marketing Strategy of Municipality - Key to Success   |   Kongres ITAPA 2006

    Modern information technologies, mainly internet, are becoming inseparable part of quality marketing campaign of towns and villages around Slovakia. Examination and analysis of current state of internet use by Slovak clients showed that demand for internet services is increasing. Nowadays, even a computer laic has no problem to create a simple presentation web page. Efficiency of providing information and services this way exceeds the effort spent on its creation. Self-governments should be a motivating example of how to support development of towns and regions by means of internet.
    I would like to give examples and practical demonstrations from Nitra. The web page of Nitra was awarded as the best web page of self-governing region twice.
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