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The Issue of Long-term Verification of Electronic Documents

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První certifikační autorita, a.s. (I.CA) is an accredited provider of certification services according to the Law No 215/2002 Z.z. on Electronic Signature, signed on July 1, 2016 and has become a qualified provider of trusted services in accordance with the European Parliament and Council regulation on electronic identity ad trusted services for electronic transactions in the internal market No. 910/2014 (for short eIDAS).

Besides certification services it also provides electronic time stamps according to eIDAS. Time stamps are used especially when there is a need to demonstrate the existence of electronic documents and data in given time. In reality this includes various systems using electronic communication, such as electronic invoicing, e-shops, electronic registry, electronic banking, etc.

Time authority services, electronic time stamps, archival time stamps and archive time TSA services can be adjusted to needs of a client.

Time stamps can be used also for archiving electronic documents and for record services; here is the electronic time stamp inevitable for retroactive verification of electronic signature of the document after the signature certificate has run out of validity.

Ditec solution will be part of this presentation – a module of long-term archiving (MDA), designed to secure long-term verification of electronically signed documents.

Pavol Frič

Vice President of IT Association of Slovakia for eGovernment. In 1986, he finished his university studies at the Department of Computers of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, SVŠT in Bratislava. After completing his studies, he continued to work at the university and in 1995 defended his candidate's dissertation in the field of artificial intelligence. He developed several new subjects and actively lectured in the field of artificial intelligence and software engineering. In 1995, he began to devote himself fully to work at DITEC. He worked as the director of the Information Systems Division. In 2000, he was appointed to the position of Vice President for Strategy. In this position, he manages the company's development projects and…
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Kateřina Jarošová

První certifikační autorita
Mgr. Kateřina Jarošová works as a Key Account Manager and Project Manager for První certifikační autorita, a.s. since 2010 in the international sales department. In the portfolio of certification authority services she is responsible for time authorities. She manages clients and searches for new opportunities.
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