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Hynek Steska

Member of the Regional Council, Region of Zlín
  • Process of Informatisation in Regions of the Czech Republic   |   Kongres ITAPA 2006

    In last year the Zlin region made a fundamental decision - to establish Information strategy, which would fulfil the gap in region's strategic documents. The works were in process in accordance with the SWOT methodology during the first quarter of the year.
    The view on informatisation in terms of needs of region's management, priority axes of project studies and technological aspects was generally accepted.  The complex strategy was positively approved by the management of the region. Currently, the works are lunched on follow-up analytical and implementing projects aiming at completing the vision "Effective using of modern information and communication technologies to support balanced development of region of Zlin and to improve the citizens' quality of life".
    The project is design in context with other national project in the area of informatisation. At the close of the presentation we would like to point out some key issues of regional informatisation development the way we perceive them.
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