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Electronic juridical management in the agenda of the electronic payment procedure - the experience from the project in the Czech Republic

/ Keynote
The aim of the pilot project implemented in the Czech Republic is to speed up and simplify the processing of dossiers in the courts. Also simplify the access to information in file with increasing safety requirements to Judges. What was the history of the development of systems for the Ministry of Justice in the Czech Republic? Which principles and guidelines for their implementation were applied ? What are the complications associated with electronisation of processes? All this you will learn in the presentation of CCA Group a.s.,  which is a leading supplier of software for ministrz of Justice since 1995 and also  carried out the project. The result is, that the electronic file provides faster processing of lawsuits, reducing the workforce to handle the ever-increasing agenda and with no doubt it reduce the costs incurred by the courts for documents and envelopes printing, if the file is kept only in electronic form.

Jiří Laciga

CCA Group
In 1974 graduated from University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen, Technical Cybernetics study program. Then he worked in ŠKODA Pilsen as programmer, database administrator, project engineer and finally as head of data center. In 1991 he was the main founder CCA Group Inc. where he long-term worked as head architect of information systems and led the company as Managing Director. Since 1995 he has been acting as director of projects in Ministry of Justice CZ. In 2002 he designed system SchoolOnline for primary and secondary schools. Currently more than 1000 schools use the system. He bought and revitalized several companies, which he later either sold or merged into CCA Group Inc. He set up a foundation which provides …
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