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Innovative Slovakia in a digital age

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With the predominance of modern technologies, network solutions, and growing importance of Big Data, digitalisation of industry is imperative to keep up with progress. The Slovak Ministry of Economy is taking a multifaceted approach, in order to facilitate digital transformation and application of key innovation technologies, which have great potential for individual companies and whole sectors to decrease expenditures and accelerate growth. Together with new business models and innovative SMEs, this will change the traditional value chains and bring opportunities for new businesses (and startups), as well as those already established.

Vazil Hudák

European Investment Bank
Vazil Hudák joined the European Investment Bank as Vice-President at the beginning of October 2016. Prior to this office, he was appointed Chief Negotiator of the EU Budget during the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union. He has served as Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic from 2015 until 2016. Before this, he was State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Representative of the Slovak Republic on the Board of Governors in the European Stability Mechanism. He was also Industry Head for the Public Sector of Eastern Europe at J.P. Morgan Chase and has worked for Citi Group and the EastWest Institute in the United States and Europe. Vazil Hudák started his career at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affai…
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