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Miloš Matúšek

Ministry of Justice SR, Director of Slov-Lex department
Matúšek Miloš, JUDr, graduated Faculty of Law, Trnava University. In the past he worked in private sector. He worked at Ministry of Justice of Slovak Republic since 2009 as head of JASPI department, since 2012 he is a director of Slov-Lex. In 2011 he started postgraduate at Pan-European University. His thesis is focused on issues of legismatics, discipline that explores optional use of modern information technologies in law development and publication.
  • Electronic code – SlovLex   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    The lecture objective is to inform the audience about the benefits and functionality of the project called  SLOV-LEX and the Portal of Legal Information.

    The main objective of the project is the authorisation of wordings of legal regulations in an electronic form and gradual advancement of the electronic form to become a binding form within the e-legislation. The content of such information will be guaranteed by the state and will gradually replace the printed codes.  

    The SLOV-LEX project is based on two mutually interconnected information systems:

    eZbierka (eCode) – the information system providing binding electronic consolidated wordings of legal regulations and other standards, to legal addressees

    eLegislatíva (eLegislation) - the information system for the control of processes within all stages of the legislative process, equipped with advanced editing tools for legislation authors.

    The Portal of Legal Information project extends the SLOV-LEX project with the processes that prepare other types of legal standards.

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