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Martin Janáček

Ministry of Education SR, general director of Informatics department
Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, Slovak University of Technology

Work Experience
Eurotel Bratislava, a.s. 2002 – 2005
Main areas: Mobile voice and data services

Slovak Telekom, a.s. 2005 – 2014
Main areas: Fix data and voice services, converged solutions, integration of ICT, mobile and fix telco services, Data centers and Cloud

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, 2014 – present
Main areas: Development of information systems and infrastructure, support and administration of IT office and department, optimization of ICT at central and regional level, implementation of electronic services, support of effective DEO usage.

  • Digital Education Support   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    One of our priorities for regional schools is support of digitization of education content and its distribution to all grammar and high schools as well as kindergartens. Digital education content is an important tool for teachers helping them in their work and enhancing the attractiveness of education process for students.

    Our next priority is to increase the higher quality access for students and teachers to electronic services of education system and develop an entry and local infrastructure in schools and educational facilities that will guarantee secure and high speed data services and internet access. This is interlinked with support of modernization of information and communication technologies in schools. This infrastructure will enable also the proposed online testing of students all around Slovakia. These efforts of Ministry of Education will ultimately complete the goal that all students will have an everyday access to varied digital education content, on-line information and will receive better services in on-line education and interactive presentation of the subjects.

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