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Marian Gajniak

Exdwarf consulting, Project manager
01.03.2009 –31.08.2015:
InfraServices, a.s. (51% owned by Bratislavská vodárenská  spoločnosť, a.s. –water and utility companya.k.a. BVS,a.s.)
Position: CEO’s advisor for IT and Strategies
Workload:managing company´s IT/IS department, administrating IT/IS and Strategy    advisory board for CEO, managing company´s IT/IS infrastructure
Key Results:
  • implementing company’s independent IT/IS infrastructure (separating from BVS’s IT/IS infrastructure)
  • technical support while implementing company’s independent ERP system and CRM system
  • implementing GPS monitoring system for fleet management and monitoring resource allocation
  • design and technical support for company’s communication interfaces
  • implementing company’s new IT/IS infrastructure to support and obey BVS’s SLA
  • technicalsupportforBVS’sprojectofchangingpostalsupplier (bills, dunning, earlycollection) and implementationof hybrid mail/postalservicesfor BVS, a.s. according to SLA
  • implementingelectronicdocumentarchive (lightweight DMS) for BVS, a.s.
  • technicalsupportwhileimplementingcompany’sprojectsfor BVS, a.s. (Smartmetering – wirelesswatermetersreadings, Customermanagement center – customerbasedsystemformanagingwatermeterreadingsprovidedforbilling and  GIS tracking and operationallogistics)
Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.
Position:employee in chargeof marketing department
Workload: designing, creating and coordinating company’s marketing strategies and marketing projects (water museum in Bratislava)
Key results:
  • auditing internal directives and other company’s documents
  • in charge of creating design manual codifying internal and external communication
ZEN-SERVIS spol. s r.o. (company is subsidiary and service partner for ZENNER INTERNATIONAL GMBH&CO. KG – manufacturing water meters)
Position:administrative and technicalemployee
Workload: servicingwater meters, administrative and logistics
Key results:
  • design of wireless water and heat meters readings data application
2003-2008:UniversityofEconomics in Bratislava, FacultyofBusinessManagement
2001-2003: GymnasiumTilgnerova 14 in Bratislave
2000-2001:Odebolt-Arthurcommunityhighschool, Iowa state, USA
1995-2000:GymnasiumPankúchova 6 in Bratislava

  • Managing SMB VirtualDatacenter (Alef, Cisco) certificate
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage (V5.5) certificate
  • Data Protection Officer (surveillance over thepersonaldataprotectionconsistsofmultipletasks and activitiesthatthedataprotectionofficerisobliged to fulfilpursuant to theAct on PersonalDataProtection)
  • complex IT/IS infrastructure
  • databases, datamining
  • modeling of companies strategies
  • information system modules
  • IT knowledge: TCP/IP,Storages (NetApp, Iomega), Security (ERA,sonicwall,safetica), Vmware, MS Windows Server, MS Exchange, MS ISA, MS SQL Server, Office,Navision Dynamics, Softip, Human, Motorola serviceplatform, Customer monitor, BlackberryEnterprise Server, ArisPlatform, C#, Transact SQL, HTML, ProgreCad, Cenkros, Edoview, GPSasistent, Camelia

  • Natural disasters and open data   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    Passing the fight between human and nature successfully when natural disaster strikes (zones with high World Risk Index) is mostly the matter of common preparedness to cope with short term - immediate impacts. First of all it is life loss minimalization (earthquake: Haiti – 2010), then health damage minimalization (floods: Central Europe – 2013) and last not the least damages to strategic infrastructure (tsunami: Fukushima – 2011). Long term effects such as economic or social impacts on affected community are result of the zones condition before the disaster and these are in many cases subject of international help even before stroke by disaster. Open data, their collection (appropriate capturing tool), afterwards understanding data (build model and scenarios) and then communicating all this to relevant recipients (rescue forces, army, public) helps to minimalize short term effects of natural disasters (searching for missing persons) but also it helps in long term recovery of impacted area (help of Google in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina – 2005). This way it is possible to effectively manage recovery after natural disaster(volunteers, shelters, distribution of medical care, emergency cloud for community ).
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