Tomáš Borec

Ministry of Justice SR, minister
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  • The importance of the judiciary elektronization   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders

    Electronic services and information technologies are in judicial system important auxiliary tools with big potential to solve key issues of judicial system and therefore they are one of key priorities of Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic on one hand emphasizes the increase of responsibility of judges for righteous administration. On the other hand the Ministry provides that courts have the latest technologies so they can work at more speed and more effectively. The last three years have seen the most intense introduction of information technologies to Slovak courts in their modern history. Basic architecture of modern electronic accessories of judicial system are projects Electronic judgment record, Development of judicial system electronic services and Registry of bankrupts. Introduction of information technologies has touched also the significant legislation field (Electronic collection of laws and Portal of legal information) and prison service (Electronic system of persons monitoring). In the next three years are planned another projects that will change Slovakia to one of leading European countries in eJustice.
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