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Martin Terkovič

ICZ Slovakia, General director
Martin Terkovič is a general director of the company of ICZ Slovakia a. s. He has been working within the IT field since 1998. Starting from 2003 he had worked as a director of Exprit, the IT company which later became a part of ICZ group. During his professional career, Mr. Terkovič has out of the small firm developed a successful company which today delivers IT solutions of national importance
  • The project Electronic Monitoring of People   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    Why should you attend the lecture?
    Project of Electronic person monitoring system is about to enter into practice. The director of the solution provider company ICZ Slovakia a. s. will zoom in what had to be done to deliver the project and get it ready for launch.   

    Innovative service “Electronic monitoring of accused and convicted people” enables more flexible administration of alternative punishments (e.g. home prison, monitoring, restriction to approach another person or locality, spending assigned time in work place, monitoring of consumption of alcoholic beverages or intoxicating agents). These punishments are more effective in correction of convicted than their treatment in correctional institution. Project e-services cover also such areas as home violence, small theft, harassment, or inadaptable neighbor behavior. Electronic monitoring can be used in three basic stages of criminal justice, that is before the court decision about the guilt and punishment, as part of alternative of the imprisonment and after the release as part probation surveillance.

    Project implements modern, effective and integrated information system offering electronic services connected to electronic monitoring of accused and convicts, helping the citizens, businessman and municipalities. It creates conditions for flexible administration of alternative punishments, that are more effective in regard to re-socialization, re-education and correction of convicted than their placement in correctional institution.

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