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Could information enhance security and cleanliness in the city?

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Why should you attend the lecture?
"Classified" information held by police which were previously not available to public are now visible on web. They are completely free and everybody can access them.
What is the crime rate in your city?
Which are the districts in your town where robbery happen the most?
Which is the area where is more difficult to find a parking?
How many policemen are assigned to any specific districts in the city?
You can learn more about the topic "Could information enhance security and cleanliness in the city?" at the international congress ITAPA 2015.

The main goal of this presentation is to demonstrate to general public how they can use information simply and in a meaningful way. For example to allow citizens to know more about the work of local police department. Prešov city hall IT department owns a lot of useful and valuable information in their own IT system and has competencies to use them at best. The aim is to organize all these information logically and present them clearly to the general audience through the web in order to increase the level of security and cleanliness in the city. We are talking about inter connection of the city police department data and city hall data related to territory and land (addresses, streets). For example: Making available list of policemen assigned to specific area of the city, will address security concern. Similarly the clear communication about location of city security cameras or other sensible information on offenses in different categories will do the same. Offenses are clearly displayed on the city map in 5 different categories (traffic offenses, against cleanliness and environmental protection, dog breeding, public code and against property ownership). They are marked with different colors depending on the quantity of offenses in specific area. All these information are real and live. Automatically updated daily and displayed. Published data are in format that can be further processed.

Mariana Hurná

City Hall of Prešov
Mariana Hurná graduated with highest honours in Economy and Industry Management at Technical University in Košice. She worked as an independent senior IT programmer (analyst) in the Enterprise of Management Rationalization in Agriculture and Nutrition. After she hold the same position in the Regional Institute of Monuments and also in the J. A. Reiman Polyclinic Hospital in Prešov. Since 1996 she has been working in the IT Department of Prešov City Hall as IT system administrator, expecially Oracle technology and Applications platform. During 19 years work for the City Hall Mariana had higher and strategic responsibility as IT manager and Project manager for ICT. In 2008, 2009 and 2012 she was awarded as the best IT person within sel…
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