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ITAPA 2015 - No Borders!

No Borders - the subtitle of the 14th International Congress ITAPA sprinkle his whole program. The Slovak eGovernment will present itself in a coherent form for the first time. Not coincidentally, this is done simultaneously with the closure of the programming period of structural funds spending.

ITAPA 2015 will therefore speak not only of isolated projects, but also a complete system in which the user sees disappearing boundaries between agencies. This year culminates years of effort of hundreds, and perhaps thousands of project managers, programmers, analysts and the whole IT community. The time for a fair assessment of the benefit of the program has come. Do borders and obstacles disappear? Will we be witnesses of the functional eGovernment?
Special attention of ITAPA 2015 will be paid to electronisation of the judiciary, the financial world and the social sphere; it means to areas where progress has been made.
This year brings new challenges and goals. In addition to building infrastructure, the increasing efficiency of public administration is a one of the single and gorgeous aims. IT community in the Congress ITAPA will find out how can be these aims achieved and what will be the impact on new projects.
The new season also comes with new technological challenges - the use of government cloud, or a new enhanced architecture. The rate of change is increasing and this is the reason why ITAPA 2015 will introduce the innovative technologies that we are only a few years ago considered science fiction, but now we can talk about how it will change eGovernment in the near future.
Structure of the program HERE.
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