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Digital single market, III. pillar: Maximize Growth Potential of Digital economics

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Single market will bring better access of customers and enterprises to digital products and services across all Europe, develop appropriate and equal conditions for digital networks and innovation services and provide maximum growth potential of digital economy. Will European Union complete one of its priorities and build a strong united market?

Maximising the Growth Potential of the Digital Economy in EU and Member States will focus on # areas.
  • Building a Data Economy
The key initiative in this area is Free Flow of Data within EU
  • Boosting Competitiveness through Interoperability and standardisation with the objective to create conditions for cross/border interoperability commercial and public subjects of EU MS
  • There will be created an integrated standardisation plan of processes and technology of Digital Economy and European Interoperability Frame will be revised  within this priority.
  • An Inclusive eSociety
  • Major topics of this priority:
  • Digital skills and expertise
  • eGovernment development
  • Cloud Computing adoption
  • Principle Once-Only applied cross-border within EU
  • Secure on-line documents repository accessible cross-border within EU
  • Single Digital gateway
  • eProcurement interoperable within EU MS
  • Interconnection of business registers  

All these objectives will be presented from their adoption in Slovakia point of view.


Peter Weber

Peter Weber had been Country General Manager of Slovak branches of IT multinational corporations Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer and Hewlett Packard from 1991 till 2009. He has been active in the field of eGovernment and represents IT Association (ITAS) in activities associated with Government Cloud. He represented ITAS in Cloud Council in Brussels, he chaired working group for eGovernment of Digital leader of Slovakia and he has been ITAS representative in Government Cloud working group of Vice-premier Office.   From 2014 he has been consultant for MF SR in EU R&D projects Cloud for Europe (7.FP) and EU SEC (Horizon 2020) on cloud services security and personal data protection in EU.  Peter Weber has been member …
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