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Open data in practice – Czech treasury monitor

/ Keynote
Why should you attend the lecture? 
Lecture on practical demonstrations of the Czech Republic illustrates in detail the development of open-data, it will focus on modern trends in this area and looks also at the future of open data. The lecture also answers the question how the European Union is building a modern approach in publishing and linking data in public administration and how our civilization spends considerable funds for capturing, processing and storing data. But are we also able to realize full potential of open-data?

Our civilization is faced with exponential data growth and devotes great resources for capturing, processing and storage. However, at the same time, we fail to utilize their full potential. During the presentation we will analyze the main motives for disclosure of information to the public in european context. On examples we will show how evolution happened in the area of open data in recent years in the world and we will demonstrate contemporary approaches to publishing and linking data. Attention is also paid to opening up and linking of data in the public administration. This is further illustrated on example of  Monitor of State Treasury in the Czech Republic. The speaker is the chief architect. At the conclusion we will summarize the requirements for the disclosure and linking of the data set by the European Union and we will indicate the future trends in the field of the open data.


Tomáš Jindřich

Tomáš Jindřich is Business Architect  for SAP solutions specialized in SAP Netweaver Business Intelligence in the company C42 Ltd. He has experience in the areas of public and private sector. Within the public sector, he is an expert in financial and budgetary reporting. Since 2008 he has been actively involved in the establishment and subsequent development of the treasury system in the country. Tomáš provides consultation to the Ministry of Finance in the area of the process and methodology of budgeting and accounting, and also in the architecture of technical solutions. Through collaboration with academic sphere he seeks to raise awareness about open data in the public sector. In the private sector he is specialist in the field of con…
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