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Miroslav Morávek

Technical Director, 2Ring, Slovakia

Miroslav Morávek is a Technical Director of the company 2Ring aimed at development of applications in the field of IP telephony and application of solutions in the field of BPM (Business Process Management). He is responsible for management of development projects of the company and their direction. The company 2Ring is an important partner of the company SOITRON in the field of implementation of SW solutions. In the past he was in the position of Manager of the Department of SW development in the companies Tronet and SOITRON. He was in charge of introduction of key corporate IT solutions and development of own SW products for internal need of the companies.

  • Electronic communication in Society   |   Kongres ITAPA 2007: Living Online
    Full-value electronic communication in a company in the form of electronic forms, application of electronic signatures and automation of processes brings along lots of positive features. Their achievement at implementation is often accompanied by experiments and errors, expensive preparation and testing. It is useful to follow the way of achievable objectives and avoid known problems. The presentation focuses on description of possible benefits resulting from electronization of communication and its automation. It provides counselling for how to avoid negatives accompanying its implementation.
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