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When I tell you that our goal is to migrate 240 governmental server rooms into 2, do it in course of 7 years and build IT services from central offerings (in infrastructure, platforms and services such as real-estate management, human resources, vehicles, control, education, desk management, e.i.) you will probably tell me that you know better science-fiction...This is what we plan to do.

Pavel Bojňanský

Ministry of Finance SR
Born on 27 August 1970 in Bratislava. A graduate of the faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, study major: technical cybernetics. He took part in several expert stays in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and in Switzerland in the field of strategic and marketing management in telecommunications. He has extended, 12-year international experience in all fields of marketing management in the field of telecommunications in the Deutsche Telekom Group – in Spanish Deutsche Telekom Espana and YA.COM Internet Factory and in Slovak Telekom. He acted in the above companies as the Director for products and services, wholesale, marketing strategy, Director for marketing communication up to the Vice-Preside…
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