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Zuzana Nemčeková

Ministry of Interior SR
  • Identification of individuals   |   Jarná ITAPA 2015
    Lecture depicts the project OPIS that has been implemented by the Ministry of Interior - Information System for identifying individuals whose goal is to create a single, data-consistent source of basic identifiers of individuals who come into contact with the public administration and are registered in the register of individuals. The basic identifiers ensure uniqueness of individuals in information systems and at the same time increase the privacy of individuals kept in different information systems in public administration and enable effective communication between these systems without the risk of leakage of data from various databases and information systems.
  • Register of Addresses and its options   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2014: Future is TODAY
    One of the project implemented at the Ministry of interior within the eGovernment is „Register of Addresses Information System (IS RA). This IS is realized within the Operational program Informatisation of Society – priority axis 1.

    Newly built referency Register of Addresses will include existing addresses in standardized shape and content with the venue affiliation within the administrative clasiffication of the state, with address points with localisation datas in the way of INSPIRE, with unique identifier, life cycle and change log. The address which is registered only once is then rendered as an actual data to the relevant subjects of public administration in way of the data interface format without the neccessity of another duplicate paper operations.
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