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City Monitor – Slovak World class solution for Google Glass
City Monitor, the solution enabling citizens to submit reports how to improve their cities and municipalities directly from their mobile phones, is well known in Slovakia. Argentina has recently also discovered its benefits; several cities already use the solution under the name  Cuidemos La Cuidad and several others are deeply interested in the project. 
The company QBSW, a.s. is continuously working on development of this software solution. It has recently extended its functionality with an option to submit reports using Google Glass. This is the future of information-communication technologies market development. This innovative solution will bring new possibilities of City Monitor use such as submitting of the reports using voice, facial expression or touch. You can find more information at or
City Monitor is an attractive tool for communication of representatives of municipalities and its citizens. Benefit of this solution compared to competition is that reports are not submitted by third party but are submitted directly by citizens via their mobile phones. The reports are immediately processed in web application, which is integrated part of the solution and is administered by authorized employee of the city. Proposed solution enables to use the application also internally in the municipality administration (control of technical departments, monitoring of work progress). 

Martin Hrnko

Professional experiences: 2011 – on-going    QBSW, Bratislava – Managing director and Chairman He is responsible for the strategic direction, development and overall management of the company. He manages and coordinates all of existing and new projects of the company, finds new business opportunities and manages of human resource. 2005 – 2011    QBSW, Bratislava – Executive director He managed and coordinated of company’s projects, prepared of methodologies for the development of information systems and managed human resource in the company. He mentored an establishment of the Integrated Quality Management System, as well as a successful start and completion of several major projects. 2002 – 2005    QBSW, Bratislava – Project Manage…
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