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Services of electronic monitoring of persons – There is no bracelet as bracelet

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Overcrowded prisons, poor use of alternative sentences, paper bureaucracy… These and some other questions in the area of safety of inhabitants can be resolved with the help of an electronic system of monitoring of persons, known as “bracelets” among the public. Not every court decision in the criminal proceedings has to be necessarily connected with the imprisonment. However, imposing an alternative sentence without proper technological and information support might not reach its goal.

Roman Hlubina

ICZ Slovakia
Roman Hlubina is a senior consultant at ICZ Slovakia a. s. He uses his wide-ranging experience in the field of delivering and management of IT projects. During 1996 - 2006 he was working on a project of a Sales system of natural gas for the SPP as a developer and later in a managerial position. At ICZ Slovakia a. s. he was working as a delivery director until 2009. Since 2009 he has been working on the OPIS projects and IT projects within the Slovak development aid.
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