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Claudio Inguaggiato

Board of Directors, eRIS@, Italy
He took a master degree in Electronic Engineering at the Turin Technical University in 1976. After a short experience at Olivetti, he worked in CSIPiemonte, the Region Piedmont ICT Agency, from 1980 to 1998. Here as Environmental Projects Manager, he run several local and national projects. While operating as Technical Manager of the National Environmental Information System in Rome, he was also representative for the Italian Ministry in the European Environmental Agency, based in Copenhagen. In 1995 he was appointed CSI-Piemonte European Projects Manager.

Since then, he accomplished several EU R&D projects in the framework of TELEMATICS, ESPRIT, NOW, IDA, Ten-Telecom programmes. From 1996 to 1998 he was also the City of Turin technical representative in the cities’ European network TELECITIES and Region Piedmont representative in ERIS@. In 1998 he moved to CSP as Managing Director. CSP is a non-profit Information-and-Communication-Technology Research Centre, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research. Its shareholders include: local government, both Turin Universities and industrial organizations. Its targets are technology transfer and the Information Society implementation through a strong synergy with academic institutions, private business and local government. With a 2004 turnover of 3.7 million euro, 38 employees and a staff composed by around 100 people, CSP is currently taking part to 7 projects within EU funded programs and counts government, private companies and TelCo operators (SES Astra, Eutelsat, Vodafone) among its customers on a national and international level. Claudio Inguaggiato has been running several innovative projects as CSP Managing Director. Worth reporting are “Growing up in Turin”, an advanced educational project finalist in the “Stockholm Challenge Award 2000" and "The Piedmont School Network", a single co-operative educational model for all the Piedmont schools. CSP has been Piedmont Region representative in Eris@ since 1999. Claudio Inguaggiato was appointed member of Eris@ Board of Directors in June 2005.
Introduction by Chairman (ITAPA Section A4): eRIS@ and eGovernment Trends in EU Regions
  • eRIS@ and eGovernment Trends in EU Regions   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

    With regard to the Delors White Paper on employment, competitiveness and growth and bearing in mind the recommendations of the Bangemann Report, the Action Plan "Europe's Way to the Information Society", the First Annual Report of the Information Society Forum, the Green Paper "Living and Working in the Information Society”, the White Paper on “Education and Training”, the Interim Report of the High Level Expert Group, in addition to the deliberations of Member States, regions, and of the Committee of the Regions, 28 regions agreed to establish closer links in order to shape their ways to the Information Society at the regional level as a means to promote their economic and social development. These 28 founding regions recognised that regions have indeed much to gain through co-operation and collaboration in this field, especially because of the growing impacts of globalisation, increased competition and rapid technological development.

    Thus, eRIS@ was created in 1998 to answer this need on the basis of the results and activities of the Inter-Regional Information Society Initiative (IRISI) and Regional Information Society Initiative (RISI) launched by the European Commission in 1995 and 1997 respectively. IRISI was an initiative set up by six European Regions (North-West England, Sachsen, Nord Pas-de-Calais, Valencia, Central Macedonia and Piemonte). Its purpose was to promote the development of the Information Society at the regional level. It has been seen as a pre-pilot initiative, which paved the path for RISI. RISI had been set up to provide support for 22 European regions which, during the period 1997-98, were seeking to develop frameworks and strategies for the development of the Information Society in their regions. This support took the form of a series of methodology workshops, primarily for the project managers of these regional initiatives and the process consultants whom they had engaged to assist them. Today, eris@ is composed of 45 regional members and 1 private company.

    During opening speech there shall brief presentation of basic trends in eGovernment development in EU regions.

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