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Protection of National Cultural Heritage in Austria

/ Keynote
The area-spanning utilization of the electronic record system in Austrian Federal Administration also requires professional archiving. In accordance with the Law on Federal Archiving, the Austrian State Archives are not only responsible for the corresponding selection, addition and storage of the electronic original, but also for long-term (=permanent) readability of data. This is achieved by the installation of a storage system at two sites as well as by software based on the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model. In the sense of cost-efficiency, the Federal Chancellery has procured a general license. It allows all Austrian Federal Provinces, cities, communities and other governmental bodies to co-utilize this archive solution without individual tendering via their own tenants. The presentation will give an overview of the project. The requirements, the hard- and software solution and the main standards like OAIS, PREMIS and others will be covered.

Alexander Leiningen-westerburg

Born in 1964 in Vienna, he joined Siemens Business Services in 2005 and soon became eGovernment Segment Responsible. For several years he has been lecturing New Media at the Danube University in Krems and at the Paracelsus University in Salzburg. Being charmed by the internet the graduated historian attended the technical postgraduate study of telematic management at the Danube University in the late nineties.. Between 2001 and 2005 he worked for the Austrian Federal Chancellary, specifically in the Austrian ICT Strategy Unit, which was responsible to implement and disseminate eGovernment in Austria. The remarkable success of the unit led to Austrias improvement within the European eGovernment ranking, starting from position 13 ending …
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