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Ján Tuček

Technical University Zvolen, Slovakia, Rector

 He graduated Faculty of Forestry of University of Technology in Zvolen (1981). In February 2004 he was appointed by president of Slovak republic as a rector of University of Technology in Zvolen. He worked previously as a researcher of Forestry Research Institute in Zvolen and lecturer at Faculty of Forestry,
In 1995-1998 he was a lecturer at Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Matej Bel in Banská Bystrica and coordinated successful TEMPUS project focused on development of GIS education and Long-distance examination of the Earth in Slovak universities. In cooperation with Slovak Environmental Agency in Banská Bystrica he worked on several PHARE education and research projects.
He attended study stays focused on GIS and DPZ in Great Britain, Netherlands and USA. His main field are GIS, digital terrain models, GPS, systems for spatial decision support, collection, procession and analysis of geographical data, models of exploitation Technologies and models of environmental processes.
At present he lectures GIS at University of Technology in Zvolen and is chairman of Slovak Geoinformation Society.


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