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László Dióssy

Mayor of Veszprém and President of Hungarian Association for Municipalities (TÖOSZ), Hungary

University of Agricultural Sciences, Keszthely, dates: 1975-78 dates: 1981-83
College of Economy and Trade, Szolnok, dates: 1995-97

Title of qualification awarded:
plant protection, engineer general, agricultural engineer, economist of foreign trade

Work experiences and positions held:
1978 – 1986 section leader at several agricultural firms,
1986 – 1990 chief officer at the department of Agriculture and Food of Veszprém County Government,
1990 Manager of Chamber of Agriculture of Veszprém County,
1990 - Mayor of Local Authority of Veszprém Town of county rank

Additional political activities and professional membership:
1994 - 1998 representative in the Hungarian National Parliament,
1996 - member of Territorial and Regional Development Council of Veszprém County,
1996 - member of Central-Transdanubian Territorial and Regional Development Council,
1996 - member of the board of directors of the Veszprém Agricultural Corp.,
1999 - president of the Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities,
2004 - full member of the Committee of the Regions (CoR)-EUROPEAN UNION-member of CoR Commissions - COTER and RELEX,
2005- member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB)

Honours and decorations:
1998 „Mayor of the year”,
1999 – „Hungarians for Europe”,
2005 – Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (civil division) Grand Cross

Presentation: eGovernment on the municipal level in Hungary

  • eGovernment on the municipal level in Hungary   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

    The brief introduction of TÖOSZ, the largest and most efficient Hungarian local authority association. (Structure, presentation of interest-representing and promoting work, service provision, communication, international contacts

    Brief presentation of the Hungarian local authority and public administration system (The principal characteristics of the 3168 municipalities, the role and place of the 168 new multi-purpose micro-regions in the increase of the quality of task-provision, the role of the 19 county local authorities, 22 towns with county rank in the middle level task-provision, the process of decentralization and the seven development regions.

    Presentation of the situation of e- public administration and e-government in Hungary. New challenge: the law on the general rules of public administration authority process and services coming to effect on November 1, 2005, the effect of the law on electronic information freedom played on the public administration processes.

    The presentation of the role of TÖOSZ in the provision for e-government (quality-assessment process of electronic applications used by the local authorities, quality assessment of websites of local authorities, training of mayors and local government leaders, support of pilot projects, presentation of new methods.

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