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Gordon Smith

Debt Management & Banking HM Revenue & Customs, Deputy Director
Deputy Director
Debt Management & Banking HM Revenue & Customs
(from 2005)

Background on DMB:
  • banks and accounts for all UK taxes and duties - around £460bn inward cashflow annually
  • deals with a customer base of  around 40m – large corporates through to individuals on benefit
  • manages £45bn debt annually
  • pursues overdue tax returns and other overdue lodgements
  • uses a comprehensive range of in-house operational and technical capabilities
  • supplements its operational capacity through extensive use of private sector collection agencies and brokers

RN Ltd (from 2009)

Background on RN (Revenue Nominees) Ltd:
  • an independent limited company whose directors are appointed by HMRC’s statutory Board to manage, on HMRC’s behalf (and where appropriate realise), assets received in satisfaction of debt or in the form of securities and guarantees
  • The next generation of Goverment Debt Collection Practices   |   Kongres ITAPA 2013: Putting IT together
    In order to fill the fisc

    Why not to miss the presentation?
    You will have a chance to meet a man who personally helped to form and optimize tax strategy in United Kingdom and under whose leadership the British HM Revenue & Customs managed to significantly increase fisc income. Last year he was awarded by the Queen Elizabeth with the Order of British Empire for his merits.

    Executive Summary:
    Governments face unprecedented revenue challenges and have very limited capital to invest in new technologies, even ones with a high return on investment. Gordon Smith from CGI will provide an overview of global trends in government collections. He will illustrate his presentation with a description of how additional certified collections of over €2bn have been generated for government agencies in North America and the United Kingdom following the deployment of one or more components of CGI's Collections360 suite of products and services.

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