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Ctibor Košťál

Slovak Governance Institute, Director
Since 2008 he has been working as a Director of Slovak Governance Institute where he is responsible for the managing of organization, strategy development and research. He focuses on the issue of state administration and self-government, corruption, social inclusion and education. In 2010 he took part in the “birth” of the project – (Message for the Major) which he is managing up until today. He graduated at the University of Commenius in Bratislava and majored in Psychology and Politics. In 2012 he finished two-year Executive Master Program focussing on Public Politics Management at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.
  • My talks with the Mayor   |   Kongres ITAPA 2013: Putting IT together
    Why not to miss the presentation?
    The presentation will show how to effectively communicate with our voted representatives. And not only talk with them but also solve problems that we encounter on daily basis. In less than four years of existence of the platform it has brought thousands of improvements in real life.  Peter Polák (Softec) will show an interesting example of such communication in the environment of mobile application AMessageForMayor. Ctibor Košťál (SGI) will follow up with a vision of near future.

    Executive Summary:
    OdkazPreStarostu (Message for the Mayor) is a unique project in Slovakia. It makes a connection between specific departments of State Administration and citizens. It enables to communicate with each other in an interactive way and to solve the problems of everyday life. The communication is a key factor in this system – OdkazPreStarostu (Message for the Mayor) is not only one-way application to file the problems in the citizens’ surroundings. Information flow is two-sided and that is the main reason why this platform, which brought thousands of real life improvements to tens of Slovak towns in less than four years, is so successful.
    An interesting example of such communication will be presented by Peter Polák (Softec) in the environment of mobile application OdkazPreStarostu (Message for the Mayor). Ctibor Košťál (SGI) will continue in the presentation with his vision of the near future in which the project will go through bigger or smaller changes as well as new challenges.
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