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Standardization of Cloud Computing, Open Data and Other Themes

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Standardization is a neverending process, reflecting the actual continuation of the development of new technologies, applications, formats and changes in the relevant processes. Actual themes, resonating in the world of information and communication technologies, are mainly those of cloud computing and publishing of an open data. Standards for information systems of public administration, enacted through an edict of Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, are not lagging behind and an extensive preparation of the new edict runs since the end of the year 2012. The new edict is currently within the legislation procedure and the content of this document is the topic of the presentation.

Peter Bíro

Peter Bíro is an expert in informatization strategies. He holds the position of the director of SK-NIC, as, the national authority for the .sk domain. He has many years of experience in implementing information and communication technologies in legislation and in ICT standardization. He also specializes in factual topics such as. technology accessibility or internet management. He leads working groups of state administration for various fields of informatization and represents the Slovak Republic as an expert in expert groups of the European Commission, RIPE NCC, GAC.  
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