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Regional Treasury in public administration - tool for management and planning

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In support of financial management processes, decision-making and evaluation of the effectiveness of budget expenditures of public administration subjects, it is very important to have all the necessary economic information available online and be able to work with them efficiently. Self-governing regions as part of the public administration take an important place in terms of territorial self-government with regard to the number of their organizations. Their position is particularly strong because of the range of services in the fields of education, social services, culture, health and transport and, therefore, it was necessary for them to create a tool that would cover the requirements of a complex process of economic and budgetary agenda. A tool that was created is a complex solution - Regional Treasury. The authority and its organizations will have the opportunity compare their economic efficiency and performance throughout the chapter using a common data base.
Authority and its organization within the self-governing region have high requirements for efficient processing, up-to-dateness and availability of information regardless of the size and type of organization. Therefore, the economic system must include extensive functionality not just in the areas of economic and budgetary agendas, but it is important to cover also the requirements for data summarization and financial management of established organizations and the whole chapter. A standalone complex solution - Regional Treasury supports strategic management in budgeting, financial planning, management of receivables and payables, reporting and consolidation.

Veronika Bódiová

Office of Bratislava self-governing region
She graduated from the University of Economics, Faculty of Economic Informatics, in Economic Informatics and Accounting. Currently she is covering the position of manager of budgeting department in the Office of Bratislava self-governing region.
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Jana Šajtyová

Asseco Solutions
She graduated from the University of Economics, Faculty of Business Management. Since joining Asseco Solutions (former Datalock) in 1995 she has held the position of a project manager, methodist and analyst for business sector, from 2002 is responsible for public administration projects.
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