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Economic systems in public administration

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Does public administration have an order in their finance?

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Generally we are convinced that the private sector is in better state than the public one. How is it really? How do economic systems in public administration work or cease to work? Why is it so complicated? Speakers will present implementation of economic system in a chapter of municipality project and review the effects brought by implementation of centralized economic system.

Executive Summary:
In public administration is effective to deploy a fully integrated economic systems on a common data base with various forms of access. Modular structure systems must fully cover processes of economic activities and agendas relating to budgetary management. In case of self-government the economic system must meet the needs of the whole chapter, in case of self-governing region these are the needs of the Office and its Organization within the authority.
A properly designed data warehouse is the basis for the successful management. In terms of their construction and maintenance, the economic variables are the indivisible element which is the part of data interpreted in the presentation layer. The information value and subsequent decision making are largely affected by the up-to-dateness and quality of data. A properly adjusted economic system must provide data processing in real-time, easy availability of data for all subjects within the chapter, ease of source documents processing. At the same time the centralized management system must be properly secured with options for integration with other systems.
Speakers will present the project of implementation of the economic system in chapter of self-governing region and assess the effects brought by the deployment of centralized economic system.

Veronika Bódiová

Office of Bratislava self-governing region
She graduated from the University of Economics, Faculty of Economic Informatics, in Economic Informatics and Accounting. Currently she is covering the position of manager of budgeting department in the Office of Bratislava self-governing region.
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Jana Šajtyová

Asseco Solutions
She graduated from the University of Economics, Faculty of Business Management. Since joining Asseco Solutions (former Datalock) in 1995 she has held the position of a project manager, methodist and analyst for business sector, from 2002 is responsible for public administration projects.
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