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Sec Doc – Long term archive of digitalized objects

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To press SAVE does not mean SECURE!

Why not to miss the presentation?
The reason is that save is not safe...We will show you an unique technology that can not only securely save data but also save evidence and origin of digital documents. And many times this can come to use...

Executive Summary:
SecDocs is the certified enterprise solution for long-term preservation  and legally secure archiving of electronic documents. SecDocs offers a unique technology for proof of integrity and authenticity of digital documents and meets international compliance rules across industries.

Miroslav Hrubý

Miroslav Hruby is responsible for the architecture of storage solutions, storage and data backup at Fujitsu Technology Solutions. He started his career in 1997 working for Grall as a systems engineer in the systems integration division, later in S&T he worked as a consultant for storage and backup. Since 2007 he has been working at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
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