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Viera Bakošová

CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau, Project Manager
Viera Bakošová
  • Project manager Crif –Slovak credit bureau, s.r.o., vice-president of Slovak Association of Finance and Treasury and chairwoman of Association of Economic Information Providers
  • Education: University of Economy in Bratislava, Faculty of Economics of Management of Industry
2007 -   Crif- Slovak credit bureau, s.r.o.

2002 – 2007 Infin, s.r.o. Lead Analyst – analytical products for decrease of business risk (Economic information, financial and sector analysis)

1993 – 2002 Slovak National Clearing Center – head of department of information – monitoring of information sources, banking and information registries, risk analysis

1985 – 1993 An Institute of Economics and Industry Management - applied economy research with focus on effectiveness of programs and processing of privatization projects
  • Data and Open Data in terms of quality and application in practice   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    Why not miss the presentation?
    Currently there are enough information at the information market. However, their quality, availability, whether they are up-to-date and can be used in reality pose a question. It is therefore interesting to see how experts see Data and OPEN DATA through eyes of representatives of Association of Economic Information Providers.

    The presentation will look at DATA and OPEN DATA and how they can be used to increase the attractiveness of enterprise environment in Slovakia. The activity of summary and independent evaluation of available information sources in Slovakia (registers, databases, and datasets) from various points of view and criteria can in future bring interesting benefits. Part of the presentation will be dedicated to evaluation of present state and possibilities of OPEN DATA development in economic information with regard to elimination of entrepreneurial risk.
    "The pressure on governments to increase efficiency, focus on the citizen's needs and deliver results is intensifying. IBM can provide new insights to help government organisations to reduce costs, optimise ways of working and business processes, engage with citizens and innovate."

  • OPENDATA in the economic information   |   OPEN DATA FORUM
  • Integration of economic information   |   Kongres ITAPA 2013: Putting IT together
    • Information as a tool helping to decrease business risk and increase business environment transparency
    • Provision,  release and declassification of economic information – an ambition and constant effort for an integration
    • Open data – utopia or reality?
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