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Graham Colclough

Capgemini, Vice President
Graham has worked internationally all his career, firstly across four continents with the oil and gas giant Shell, then with Capgemini.

Graham presently leads Capgemini’s global activities in Cities & Regions, the European Commission, and eGovernment, where he draws upon his extensive experience in public sector policy, strategy, transformation and technology programmes to lead and support a number of international projects.

Graham enjoys developing original thought leadership positions on issues of public services futures, city governance, customer-centric service transformation, urban mobility, cloud computing and the like.

BSc Hons, Civil & Structural Engineering, Edinburgh

Professional Experience:    
Graham developed on and offshore oil and gas fields, led technical audits and standards, and carried out HSE audits of operating companies for Shell in Europe, US, Middle East and Africa.
Graham has designed, coached, and led a wide variety of major change programmes across all Industries worldwide. These include Industry brands like Tesco, Glaxo Smith Kline, Bayer, O2, Norsk Hydro, BP, ICI, and GKN.
Over the past decade he has turned his attention to the massive transformation challenges that exist in public services – more specifically services delivered locally, in cities and regions.  Such experience includes:
  • Supporting the development of a pan-European reference framework for sustainable cities (RFSC)
  • Moderating and developing the strategic roadmap and programme for the Kent Partnership: a governance body of public, private, third sector and academic organisations  creating the environment for businesses and 1.5m residents
  • Leading the design and deployment of Capgemini’s “In-Touch Gov” repeatable solution framework for ICT-enabled city transformation, including a number of unique approaches and tools developed by Capgemini or with partners
  • Supporting local teams with initiatives in London, Stockholm, Barcelona, AbuDhabi, Saudi, Shanghai, Slovakia, and Brisbane
  • Leading the development of a national solution for ICT-enabled public procurement across the entire Scottish public sector
  • Supporting the launch of a major new and unique city learning network and programme, the City Protocol Society
Graham is a regular speaker and moderator for conferences and events on public administration and city related matters.
  • Smarter cities   |   Kongres ITAPA 2013: Putting IT together
    What cities need are ideas. Everything else is nothing but technology

    Why should you not miss the lecture?
    A worldvide visionary of the smart cities concept will bring a new fresh way of grasping the informatization of cities and municipalities. Get inspirated by examples of the best. The lecture should not be missed by anyone who is searching for ways and ideas to use IKT for city and municipality development.

    “Smart Cities” is a term that is receiving much attention. That we need to look to transform many of the systems in our cities to cater for future big challenges is now less disputed; that technology can play an important role in doing so is also less disputed; what is missing are some good ideas and means to make things happen – in a step-change manner that is fitting of the challenges we face.

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