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Global trends in smart transportation

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Farewell to meaningless driving

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You know it from your own experience – with company car you take a business trip to less known city. Your primary issue after arrival is where to park in order to be as close as possible to your business meeting. Julia Glidden from Great Britain says that this senseless transportation is now over.

Executive Summary:
Good buy engines, maps and parking meters.  Hello software.  From cars that drive and park themselves to apps that plan your journeys, find you parking and tell you when to walk and bike, this session will explore the emerging world of Smart Transport – the next great stage in Smart City thinking.

Julia Glidden

21c consultancy
Dr Julia Glidden completed her D.Phil. (PhD) in International Relations at Oxford University, and has extensive experience in the design and delivery of global eParticipation initiatives. An internationally recognised expert in the field of citizen-centric eGovernment, Dr. Glidden has participated in a wide variety of global forums on the subject, and has authored numerous articles on enhancing citizen engagement in the democratic process. Recent publications include a co-edited journal on eParticipation for the Council of Europe and UK Government, a review of the evolution of the British Government’s eDemocracy policy, and a case study with Andrew Pinder, former UK e-Envoy, on the UK’s Knowledge Economy Strategy. Dr. Glidden has re…
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