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Mobile screening and verification of documents

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Can an electronic service be quick, functional, secure and beautiful?

Why not to miss the presentation?
First crossborder electronic service funded by OPIS about electronic verification of IDs. The session will cover nothing less than mobile verification of IDs and it will disproves the cliche that OPIS projects are slow and problematic. Just the opposite is true; it can be done quickly and successfully. The presentation is for everyone interested in sucessfull launch of a functional mobile service with complex technical and legislation demands.

Executive Summary:
The usage of mobile applications has become the part of our daily life. Nowadays it is not just about reading the emails on the mobile phone but it is about the complex enterprise applications. It is natural that mobile applications are getting into governemnt as well. Due to the mobility, the important information are put to the first line directly to the police officers. Something what couple of years ago would be called sci-fi and maybe also the waste of money for expensive technologies, today is a natural step. Public expects that the traffic inspection will be done fast and effectively by using a modern mobile technologies.
Applications developed for Slovak Ministry of Interior must meet the specific requirements. The application must often deal with very sensitive data and despite of this its important to care about the security of this data. By the way the response time and customer comfort is not just about the convenience, but it is the key factor for the success of the solution in daily usage. What technologies and processes were used during the design and implementation of application for checking and lustration of documents in the NEV project? Can the application be fast as well as functional and moreover nice? Do the informatics have an ability to meet the requirements of a stanard customer? All these answers will be answered during the presentation and in addition we will take a look into the kitchen where modern mobile applications are being created.

Vojtech Bálint

DXC Technology
He works for DXC Technology as a solution architect, and has experience as a developer or analyst. He wants to connect business, application and technology perspective with an emphasis on the value it brings to the customer. For more than ten years, he has been working on agile development methods, including in the eGovernment environment. He likes to take on new challenges and, together with his team, he tries to motivate the people around him to create a good solution together.
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